What we Do

Counterparts Advisory provides expertise in business development and strategies for companies seeking expansion into new markets. With proven global industry experience, Counterparts Advisory assesses the viability and cultural integration of your company’s expansion plans to assess, create and help implement strategies that will meet your long-term goals. By carrying out on-the-ground due diligence, we evaluate your brand acceptance and engagement, and define your competitive advantages. We preserve your brand’s integrity while developing an operating infrastructure that takes into account a given market’s geo-political and macro-economic conditions. Counterparts Advisory successfully takes you where you want to go.


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Strategic Planning
Develop business plans for international and regional expansion.
Feasibility Evaluation
Evaluate the feasibility for international expansion, with focus on the brand’s readiness, preferred mode of expansion and applicability in foreign markets.
Coaching/Strategy Implementation
Provide ongoing support services for long-term implementation of strategic plans.
Expansion Program Advancement
Enhance operating efficiencies and financial performance of brands’ existing international expansion efforts.
Franchisee/Licensee Guidance
Deliver business guidance and advice to companies looking to enter into a franchise/license or master franchise/license relationship.

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